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Alan Stone Tile & Stone has a reputation for providing high quality remodeling services in  The Woodlands Tx, Spring Tx, Conroe Tx, Magnolia Tx, Montgomery Tx, Cypress Tx,  North Houston Tx, and Houston Tx. Whether it’s a new floor, new shower or a room addition, we help you through every stage of the remodeling process from design and material selection through project completion.

You can look on the many websites of local contractors and see nice stock photos of the finished work and get an impression of what they are capable of. Regardless of the end results pictured on their sites, the most important parts of the projects are the things that you can’t see.

Learn before you spend money: Step by Step Shower Construction

There are many remodeling contractors servicing the Houston Tx area. One thing most people are aware of is the fact that there is no regulation of construction here in this state. Anyone with tools can say they are a contractor. Many general contractors rely on the knowledge and experience of their sub-contractors in order to execute their projects whether it be remodeling or building complete homes. We refer to these contractors as “briefcase builders”. Even new home construction is done in this fashion. Using the cheapest labor and materials to increase the profit margin. So even if you see that someone has been doing this for a while, if they haven’t been properly educated in their trade, they might be doing things wrong. With the standards set so low here in this state, it makes it real easy for these companies to operate. So ask yourself, what is the difference between these companies? The nice website? The pictures? The impression you get from their smooth talking salesman?

Alan Stone Tile & Stone is located in The Woodlands, TX and has an extensive background in all aspects of residential construction. We have over 20 years experience in the field of construction and have been in the Houston area since 2008. We are not a crew of robots mindlessly carrying out our tasks. We are artists and craftsmen that take pride in doing things right, so that you can enjoy our work without any issues that may arise from improper preparation or installation. We have an eye for design, helping you make the decisions on the right materials and ideas to best compliment the style of your home. As you go through our website and seek out the specific things you are interested in, we will try and inform you on some of the things that make us different from the competition. These are the things that other contractors don’t want you to know because it makes it easier for them to cut corners. Now don’t get scared and think that our prices are going to be astronomically higher than our competition. We are very competitive. We do business the old fashioned way and stand behind our work. Have the piece of mind in knowing that we have done your job the right way.

Many people assume that having their home remodeled means they will be living in the midst of a mess for the duration of the project. People are always pleasantly surprised with the lengths we take to keep your home clean and protected. No nails in the driveway, dirty footprints on the carpet, or dirty handprints on the door. We even take the time to put multiple layers of plastic up so that the dust levels are at a minimum. We respect your home as if it was our own.

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Services offered

  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Custom Tile and Stonework
  • Custom Bathroom and Kitchen Cabinets
  • Wainscoting
  • Fire and Water Damage
  • Flooring (Tile, stone, wood and laminate)
  • Design Services
  • Room Additions
  • If you don’t see it listed just ask!

Main Service Areas- The Woodlands Tx, Spring Tx, Conroe Tx, Magnolia Tx, Montgomery Tx, Cypress Tx, Kingwood Tx, North Houston Tx, The Heights Tx, Montrose Tx, Houston Tx, Bellaire Tx, Katy Tx, The Galleria Tx, the woodlands, the woodlands tx, spring tx, conroe tx, magnolia tx

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