Step by Step Shower Construction

This is a step by step look at our shower construction and waterproofing methods.  Although you might think that everyone should be constructing showers this way.  That is the whole point- Not very many contractors do,  if any.  When you are getting bids for your bathroom remodel,  ask your contractor about specifics.  Ask them about their waterproofing methods.  You will see that you are getting much more for your money with us.   Below are pictures with detailed explanations of what we do.  We are not diving into every little detail (like the framing, plumbing, blocking the walls, setting the drain,etc.), but this overview will give you a better understanding of many things we do and other bathroom remodeling companies do not.  We have nothing to hide.  You can expect this level of quality on every job we do.  Enjoy!

*Step 1-  First we tape all gaps where the framing meets the shower pan.  We then paint on three coats of rubberized waterproofing compound all the way around the framing and shower pan.

Step 2- After installing a vinyl shower pan liner.  We counter flash the pan liner with a water resistant backer board material making sure not to put any screws into the bottom 5 inches (so that we don’t puncture the vinyl membrane).  We then mesh tape all of the seams and corners.  We paint 3 coats of the rubberized waterproofing compound on the seams, corners, and screw holes.

Step 3-  We then completely coat the backer board with the rubberized waterproofing membrane.

Step 4- We put a couple more coats of waterproofing before setting our first rows of stone.

Step 5- Using a latex fortified stone adhesive, we make sure each stone is completely coated with adhesive before installing it on the wall.

Step 6- We float out the wall with thin set in order to ensure that the walls stay perfectly plumb

Step 7- We use wedge spacers to raise and lower each stone and ensure each row stays perfectly level.

Step 8-  As we install stone on adjoining walls, we float them out and make sure they are perfectly square.

Step 9 –  Instead of buying prefab accent banding from the tile store.  We custom make the banding for your shower.

Step 10 – As we install stone on adjoining walls, we make sure each row is level to the other walls.  Note how the layers of banding are cut from the same pieces above and below the banding.  Even though this takes more time, these are details that really make a difference in the end product.

Step 11 – After installing all of the stone on the walls, we install thin set to the vinyl pan liner.  This will ensure that the mortar bed bonds to the pan liner and also adds an extra layer of moisture protection

Step 12 – While installing our mortar bed we pack crushed granite around the weep holes of the drain to ensure that they don’t get clogged.

Step 13 – We custom make our dry pack mortar bed so that it has just the right amount of slope from the walls to the drain.  This ensures proper moisture drainage.

Step 14 – After installing all of the stone,  we clean all thin set out of grout joints and off the surface of the stone.  We then fill all grout joints with sanded grout.

Step 15 – After letting the grout cure for a day.  We apply an acrylic grout caulk to all of the inside corners of the shower.  The acrylic allows for expansion and contracting in different temperatures and is essential in making sure the grout does not crack over the course of time.

Step 16 – We seal the stone to ensure adequate protection from moisture.   We like to use Du Pont Stone Tech Pro Sealer.

Note- Notice how instead of leaving a fat grout joint between the stone and drywall (Like most companies do), we cut and installed thin strips of stone to give it a more monolithic look.

Note- All of these shelf surfaces are sloped so that water drains towards the shower.  Note all exposed edges of the stone are bull nosed.  We bullnose all of the stone freehand with a grinder.  Most contractors install  prefabricated bull nosed edges  or use pencil edge pieces which don’t look very good but have become the acceptable standard.

Note- We custom make these shampoo niches to whatever size you like.  All of the outer edges are bull nosed and the bottom surface is sloped towards the shower to allow for proper water drainage.

Note- Another closeup of the pony wall and curb to accent the clean bullnose profile.

 We look forward to your call.
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